OND Computer Software Engineering


This NBTE approved National Diploma programme is designed to produce skilled software technicians who should be able to solve a wide range of problems by the systematic development and evaluation of large, high quality systems.



                  A product of National  Diploma (OND) in Computer Software should be able to:

 1.                  Develop and maintain software

 2.                  Detect technical faults in a Computer installation

 3.                  Design and test software to optimize its production and support

 4.                  Design and run efficient programmes in a wide spectrum of fields, and in
      various languages

 5.                  Install a computer system

 6.                  Produce large, high quality software systems

 7.                  Advise on the installation of Computer facilities

 8.                  Carry out routine (preventive) maintenance of Computer facilities

 9.                  Work with a team on a project

 10.                Become an employer of labor in a self-owned enterprise.


Entry Qualifications

The entry requirements into National Diploma in Computer Software Engineering programme include any of the following:-


 a)        Five (5) credit level passes in GCE “O” level or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) at not more than two sittings. The five subjects must include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English language and any other subject.


b)         National Vocational Certificate (NVC, Final) in Computer Studies from an approved Vocational Enterprise Institution (VEI).




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